The new  Lido di Lonato lakefront represents an ambitious project signed by Arch. Sonia Iorio De Marco. This extraordinary development along the shores of Lake Garda is characterized by an innovative design and a contemporary vision, aimed at improving the experience of residents and visitors.

The 30/km-per-hour, semi-pedestrian area helps to create a quiet and safe environment, offering a pleasant walk along the lakefront. Flowerbeds and shaped sidewalks promote an active lifestyle, adding a touch of elegance to the context.

The flower beds and crossings, characterized by contemporary paving materials, highlight attention to detail and attention to aesthetics. The two walkways leading to the lake are a distinctive element allowing inhabitants to access the natural beauty of Lake Garda’s waters.

When completed, the new Lido di Lonato lakefront  will not only be a route redevelopment, but a construction that reflects the commitment to harmony between modern design and natural environment. This infrastructure will not only improve the area’s quality of life but will also become an attraction for those looking for an authentic connection with the beauty of the lake landscape.